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This program is a complete fat loss program that helps you to reduce your fat in a healthy and sustainable way. You will get a daily workout with multiple timings, an easy-to-follow diet plan and a regular push to be a leaner, fitter, and stronger version of yourself.

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Meet Your Creator,

 My name is Sumit Dubey, and I have been inspiring, training, and transforming people for the last 14 years in Delhi & NCR. I have extensive experience of over 15 years in developing & implementing core fitness regimes to meet individual client’s specific requirements. For a few years, I have also had the opportunity to slug out in the corporate world as a marketing professional.

During my stint in the corporate environment and after training thousands of people over the years, I realized that an important segment is either left far behind or not getting adequate attention in transforming their physical & mental health. These include working mothers, housewives, newly married women, and women attaining motherhood who have sacrificed their own life for the sake of their families. There are multitude of reasons why these superwomen, I call them that, are unable to take a breather and take out time for maintaining their fitness & health. Post-marriage, most women get busy in the daily chores, taking care of the child, managing household thus leaving little or no time to keep their mental & physical well-being in top shape.

These women are the Engines which are powering crores of families around the Country. Their selfless act of serving their homes touched me and egged me to make a difference to their lives. And it is then I promised to give my best in transforming their body & nourishing their mental & physical health. To make healthy habits, transformational fitness regimes and nutritious diet an inseparable part of their life. It’s like oxygen, which is needed to remain alive, similarly exercise & balanced diet is indispensable for a wholesome & spirited life. I term it as a movement because the same women will pass on this health legacy & good habits to their children, friends, family and acquaintances etc. thus making invaluable contribution in making the next and the coming generations more aware, motivated, and conscious about keeping their health in peak shape. In short, the whole generation will undergo a metamorphosis for the better.

Fitness is a way of life and not a trend or fad, being fit is really simple, easy, and inexpensive. And my mission is to invoke self-belief in each & every woman who joins me in my journey and strives to be the Best Version of Themselves.


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You provide general diet plan or it is customised ?

Our dietitian will connect you through a call, discuss everything and then give u a customised diet plan..they do regular follow up and keep changing the diet plan every 12 to 15 days.

How many students are there in one batch ?

There are approximately 10 to 15 students in each batch

How much weight can be reduced in one month?

We do it in a healthy way and do not follow any crash dieting etc. One can lose approx 3 to 4 kg weight every month with us if she is consistent.

Can we change the workout timing whenever needed or it is fixed ?

Yes, you have this flexibility to attend classes as per your convenience in any of the timings, no issues on that. Our main aim is that you be regular on workout

Do you provide trial classes?

Really sorry for this, but we do not provide any demo or trial classes. You can watch many of our complete workout sessions on our Facebook page.

What workouts do you provide in these classes ?

It’s a complete workout program for keeping every aspect of our body, ageing process and fat loss challenges. The schedule would be – 1s day Yoga, 2nd day Cardio and core exercises and 3rd Strength training. Zumba happens on weekends usually to ensure the holistic development of an individual's body. It’s get repeated in the same way.

How many days classes are conducted in a week ?

In all time slots, classes are conducted from Monday to Friday, moreover, we take some additional classes on weekends as well..so if you want you can attend classes for 6 or 7 days also.

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